Menu & sub-pages

Website menu

The menu or navigation is a vital website feature that makes it easy for visitors to navigate the site and get an understanding of the categories of products or services you offer.

Horizontal menu

A horizontal menu appears at the top of your web page with a dropdown displaying your subpages.

Vertical menu

A vertical menu appears on the side and lists your page structure vertically upon clicking the menu icon in the header.


Sub-pages are an important way for you to provide more detailed descriptions about your business, products and services. Our platform offers a variety of menus that can be styled to fit the number of subpages on your website.

Easily add more website content

A sub-page is an additional page (for example, a product page) that is visible in the drop down from the main menu.

Sub-pages make it easy for you to organize the content on your websites into, for example categories of product or services that you offer. It also makes it easier for visitors to navigate on your website.