Add a web shop and sell online

With a professional web shop, you can reach a broad audience and grow your business online. Our e-commerce solution makes it easy to:

  • Add, edit and manage products
  • Import and export products to your e-commerce database
  • Display all your products in a beautifully designed webshop
  • Display products within a specific category in your webshop, for example: a specific style of bag
  • Display variations of a specific product in your webshop, for example: different colors of the same product

Categorize your products

Make it easy for potential customers to find the products they are looking for by creating categories of products in your web shop, for example: a specific type of material or items that are on sale.

Our e-commerce solution lets you easily categorize your products in relevant groups, making it easy for visitors to filter to the products they are interested in.

Show product variations

Make it easy for your visitors to find the exact variant (size, color, fabric, et.c) of the product that they want to buy.

Our e-commerce solution allows you to add as many variations of your products as you wish, and allows visitors to choose which specific variation they would like to buy.

Sell via search results

Each of your products can individually be optimized for search engines, ensuring that your products are found directly in search engine result pages.

With our platform, you can get a preview of how your products will appear in Google results and allow you to optimize for keywords and phrases.

Easy order management

The user friendly interface allows you to keep track of all your orders, and ensures that your web shop is fully integrated with your day-to-day work. See orders as come in and mark them complete when you've finished the order.

Other e-commerce settings

Worried about the details? Our team can easily adjust our e-commerce solution to meet your needs; from multiple currencies and languages, taxes, payment gateways, shipping and more.