Yabsta Platform

The Digital Platform for Local Community Builders

The Yabsta platform is a proprietary Dynamic Content Management Platform built to manage structured data and the publication of digital content.

Who Can Benefit From Yabsta?

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  • Local Directories
  • City Guides
  • Dining Guides
  • Classifieds
  • Destination Marketing Org's / Regional Tourism Org's
  • Deals, Specials, Coupons
  • Business Improvement Areas (BIA)


  • Associations
  • Professional & Trade
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Business Improvement Areas
  • Unions
  • Alumni
  • Private Membership


  • Industry Verticals
  • Corporate Portals
  • Non-profit Groups
  • Media Publications

What Can Yabsta Do for You?

Built with the user friendly customization, feature set and content management options of a consumer grade platform, but with the security and infrastructure of enterprise level platforms, Yabsta is the perfect platform for multiple levels of admin experience.

  • Pivot to new digital marketing, content and revenue generation opportunities
  • Reach a wider and returning audience with engaging content features
  • Deliver highly-effective digital marketing tools and opportunities to your valued clients
  • Implement the best modern practices for discovery and user growth.

How Easy Is It to Get Started?

Setup and Go

Yabsta is designed to get you up and running fast. From importing data to adapting the design, adding content and managing users, Yabsta delivers the tools and support to get you online and building your community.

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Adapt to You

Whether you’re a local directory, association, media, or corporate company, Yabsta comes pre-configured with a number of highly adaptable themes and templates.

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Generate Revenue

Yabsta includes a number of popular revenue generation tools and display advertising features. You are also supplied with robust tools for accessing invoicing, payment and revenue data contained within the site.

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Discover how JoAnna of WIKI Recreation uses the Yabsta platform to run a small business from her RV

The Yabsta Difference


A bright, bold and modern design developed following adaptive design principles, ensuring you deliver an engaging user experience, no matter the device. Colourful UI elements unify and guide discovery, bold imagery and precise typography focus the attention, and dynamic card-style layouts distribute information clearly and effectively.

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Our open-sourced stack of technologies with management simplicity, modern SEO solutions, analytics and reporting tools, plus APIs for integration with popular third-party systems and services.

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The platform has a number of pre-configured and highly adaptable themes to help get you started no matter your industry or niche. Yabsta’s development team can work with you to further adapt the platform to suit your content direction as you grow and look for new opportunities.

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Yabsta features a robust set of engaging content publishing tools that offers enagement for your audience, value for your SEO strategies, as well as a solid ROI for your advertisers and your own marketing efforts. With all of the content features you would expect from a modern CMS, but built on a dynamic content delivery infrastructure.

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Yabsta includes a number of tools for revenue generation including listing/search and classifieds monetization, display advertising and further native and content marketing opportunities. You will also find robust tools for accessing invoicing, payment and revenue data contained within the site.

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Yabsta allows for both sales-managed and self-provisioned management of business accounts. Our comprehensive administration area includes configuration, user management, payment processing, content editing, moderation and more.

Start Building Your Online Community!

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