On-Site Engagements

Website personalization

On-Site Engagements is a powerful feature that allows you to effectively engage your visitors in real-time with personalized and relevant content such as promotions, contact forms or newsletter sign ups.

You can define what triggers the On-Site Engagement, and what call-to-action should be shown in response.

Choose a call-to-action

There are nine call-to-action variations that can be activated to personalize the website for your visitors:

  • Sign up for newsletter
  • Click to call
  • Send to friend
  • Share on social media
  • Simple informercial
  • Promotional message with button
  • Contact form
  • Download file
  • Map location

Choose a trigger event

There are several different events that can be defined as the visitor behavior that triggers the chosen call-to-action, including:

  • Persistent
  • Location
  • Scheduled
  • Number of visits
  • Page views
  • Scrolling
  • Campaign
  • Referral