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Yabsta Design and Technology

Purpose Driven Design

Featuring a bold, bright and adaptive design, yabsta follows best modern UX practices to ensure you deliver a site that is not only visually pleasing, but more importantly, usable, accesible, and engaging.


The platform is built with adaptive design principles. Rather than one static layout that is used across devices, or one which reorders based on the device, as seen with Responsive design, Yabsta has multiple versions of the layout for each of the primary device types. This adaptability provides a better, more controlled experience for the user, no matter the device being used.

Yabsta adaptive design


Yabsta content is displayed in a modular strip style. Content blocks can be re-ordered, removed or new ones added for all the main verticals and content pages of the site. Content blocks can include images, text, html and widgets which can be used to connect and deliver dynamic content based on categories of your choosing. This allows for great flexibility and customization of your site. You can choose to show as many or as few of these options as you require.

Yabsta modular design
Yabsta modern UI


A clear, concise and consistent design language is used across the site to deliver an enjoyable experience for your users. Crisp typography allows for legibility of content, bright pops of colour and icons aid user navigation and discovery, and smart, purposeful page layouts draw user attention and focus.

Yabsta content integration

Content Integration

Bold imagery, dynamic widgets, content blocks, and other components allow you to build user engagement, interest and loyalty. Yabsta’s dynamic information architecture allows for the delivery of structured data and information in a manner that makes it easily accessible and engaging. This allows for continuous user flow - always encouraging users to discover new content.


Built to rank, our SEO features are frequently updated to match search engines evolving algorithms. Yabsta content is organized and delivered with structured data, schema, topic clusters, topic authority and more in mind. Allowing you to be the topic authority for your niche.


We understand how important a strong brand and identity is to any modern business. Yabsta is built to allow you to adapt the platform to match your brand through logos, UI colour, imagery and more.

Data Driven Technology

Yabsta is powered and secured by a stack of modern technologies and our team of experts.


Yabsta utilizes an open-source Linux-based stack of technologies optimized for fast loading of site infrastructure and content. Quick and easy API integration with third-party systems as well as the addition of custom solutions based on your needs.


Our server communication channels are encrypted using an enhanced organization validation SSL certificate. Admin and User account access credentials use 256-bit encryption algorithm keys. Based on open-source technology, the platform is a proprietary system (the code is not available to the public), minimizing the chance of vulnerability exploitation.


Yabsta platform infrastructure is hosted in a secure cloud environment, was built to allow seamless scaling, and is managed & maintained by our team of expert engineers.


By Request - Host an instance of the Yabsta platform on your infrastructure. We will assist with setup, must be maintained and updated by your organization or Yabsta’s team of engineers.

Build Traffic and Revenue With a Modern and Secure Platform

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