Images are an important visual element to capture the look-and-feel of your business. From showcasing your products to highlighting your facilities, imagery is an important part of bringing your website to life. We encourage you to add real photos of your business and show an authentic depiction of your business.

No photos? No worries, our website design team can find stock photography to match your business or send out a professional photography team to make your website true to your brand identity!

Amateur imagery

Professional imagery


Galleries allow you to display multiple images at the same time in a dynamic and interactive way. You can choose how many images you want to display, and give your visitors a visual depiction of your business. Our platform also allows you to showcase galleries:

  • On a row level: Turn your entire row into a gallery
  • With links: Add links to each image for more information on a specific product or service, such as your products, portfolio or facilities


Help your customers locate your business by adding a map to your website to showcase your location. Your location will be featured on your choice of map, and can be zoomed in to focus on your exact location, or show your location within a wider neighborhood.

Multiple locations? No problem - we can easily add more than one location.


Adding video to your website can be a dynamic way to tell the story of your business, and create a more interactive and engaging visitor experience. With our platform, you can add videos as:

  • A standalone item on a page, for example: About Us
  • A background on a page, for example: Your homepage. See an example of this on the Effects page.