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Featuring a fresh, responsive design; advanced technology with management simplicity; and ease of use; licensing the Yabsta Platform makes it easy.
Setup and Go
Yabsta is designed to get you up and running fast. From importing data to adapting the design, adding content and managing users, Yabsta delivers the tools and support to get you online and building your community.
Adapt to You
Whether you’re a local directory, association, media, or corporate company, Yabsta comes preconfigured with a number of highly adaptable themes and templates.
Generate Revenue
Yabsta includes a number of popular revenue generation tools and display advertising features. You are also supplied with robust tools for accessing invoicing, payment and revenue data contained within the site.

Yabsta Can Work For You

Yabsta delivers targeted, content-rich search results while driving traffic via features such as local content, user reviews and free classified ads. This enables the platform to deliver the dynamic and accurate user experience that today’s online and mobile users are looking for.

Its feature set allows for wider facilitation of the creation, editing, organizing and publishing of digital content in a multi-user environment. Themed and custom built content pages utilize widgets, custom HTML and templates to allow for further customization of the platform according to industry and user preferences.

Preconfigured Themes & Templates Can Adapt to Suit You!

Local Directories
Media & Publications
& More!

Design & Tech

The Yabsta platform adheres to responsive web design principles, allowing it to be optimized to render well on a variety of devices and screen sizes. It utilizes a modular, building block customization style suitable for both device and touch interaction. Pages are built around high resolution imagery and modular strips that stack on top of one another and are filled with content and dynamic widgets.

A robust CMS, Yabsta includes a feature-rich, universal search function that includes section and content specific filters, widgets and display advertising features. It may be configured as a jurisdictional search engine or as an industry or organization vertical.

accommodates for resolution, image size and scripting abilities of user device
Modular Layout
modular strips of content which can be adapted to suit your content needs, great or small
Modern Design
clean and fresh design allowing the content to take center stage
optimized for fast loading of site infrastructure and content
set up with SEO in mind and includes comprehensive SEO metrics to get you found
powered by an open-source stack of technologies allowing for seamless scaling

Packed Full of Revenue and Traffic Generating Features and Content.

Listings & eSites
Business listings including standalone eSites with dynamic content, sponsored options and user reviews.
Advertisers can broadcast their products, services, promotions and more via widgets across the site and social media.
Listing Analytics & Reporting
Yabsta includes robust analytics and reporting tools for all business users.
Classified ads drive traffic to your site and encourage repeat visitors.
White Pages
White Pages/411 directory capabilities are available for local search and as a company directory tool.
Restaurant-specific categorization and search filtering as well as dynamic eSite content like custom menus.
A fully integrated map utiliizing Google maps supplying locations for content as well as directions.
Map feature allows users to quickly find related businesses and POIs based on the current listing being viewed or their location.
Display Advertising
Display Advertising options for your clients generate revenue and are available through Yabsta’s internal/external display networks.
Events are searchable and include a dynamic daily event widget, calendar, events page and can be tied to businesses.
Points of Interest
POIs can be added to the map and feature standalone pages with images and details.
Easily publish editorial and informational content using Yabsta’s internal publishing platform.
Easily publish editorial and informational content in the popular “list” format. Attach listings, POIs, events and more.
Import videos and also embed links from YouTube and Vimeo directly into the database.
Peoples Choice Awards
Let users vote for their favourites with customizable categories and voting periods.
Data Import / Export
Easily import your existing data and quickly upload new content.
Site Management
Manage your website through our robust administration area including configuration, content editing and moderation.
Payment Gateways
Our multi-currency payment gateway is easy to use, convenient, secure and utilizes or PayPal.
Analytics & Reporting
Collect visitor, engagement and traffic data for your site to ascertain a clear and detailed picture of performance.
Allows quick and easy integration with third party systems as well as the addition of custom solutions based on your needs.
Access to our Customer Support Portal and Yabsta Development and Licensee support teams.

Site Builder

As an optional addition, we can also connect your Yabsta website to our Yabsta Site Builder tool.

Yabsta Site Builder seamlessly connects to your database, allowing you to offer clients eye-catching, fully responsive websites built using the information included in their listings and eSites.

Mobile App

As an optional addition, the Yabsta Platform also offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android.

Featuring local search, classifieds, guide content and more, the app is developed for offline usage and can provide limited directions without an internet connection.

We recently worked with our Yabsta developers to create and launch the Bermuda Yellow Pages App. This extension of the platform will enable our users and advertisers to access and disseminate information on their mobile devices offline. We’re very excited to offer this progressive tool.

- Licensee Gary Taylor,

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