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Combining accurate and trusted local directory information, with robust SEO focus, engaging local content publishing features, and modern digital advertising options. Yabsta is an ideal platform for local directory providers to move beyond NAP and into the growing demand for trusted and accurate local content.

Who is Yabsta Local Directories Theme Built For?

  • LOCAL Directories
  • City Guides
  • Tourism Sites
  • Deals, BIAs & More
  • Dining Guides
  • Classifieds
Yabsta features

Features That Capture Attention of Both Users and Advertisers


Yabsta business listings deliver the key NAP information of any traditional local directory. Businesses can have multiple listings each tied to a specific primary keyword, which allows for listings to be customized to suit primary keyword content.

Business Profiles

Business Profiles act as mini-websites for businesses and include all the modern features users expect from a local citation. Available to all listings, Business Profiles feature several layout and content customization options.


White Pages / 411 Directory capabilities are available for local search and as a company directory tool. Featuring an image and multiple contact fields, White Page listings are secured under strict privacy controls to allow for only exact match search discovery.


Build an engaged community marketplace for your audience to buy, sell and post their classifieds. Classifieds can be grouped into categories or classes and feature images, descriptions, keywords, contact info and custom fields built for popular categories.


Generate revenue through customizable business listing packages, priority placements in search results, dynamic content included in Business Profiles, classifieds, and display and native advertising features.


Provide your business clients with a tool through which to broadcast their business announcements - great for deals, specials, sales, announcements and more.


Build engagement and add value to your business listings through the inclusion of user reviews and comments.


Build an engaged and loyal audience by running an awards contest for your local market, helping to drive traffic, build an interactive user base and create buzz for your business clients.

Related Content

Yabsta is not just Business Listings, all the other content related to a Business Listing can appear dynamically on its Profile Page. This includes any Bizcast Sale, Special, or deal being offering, a list of the upcoming Events taking place at the business, and any Articles or Collections Yabsta has published featuring the business.


Don't rely exclusively on NAP traffic. Content is King!

Articles, Events, Points of Interest, Collections and Video are just some of the great local content opportunities available to help you build truly organic, engaging social and returning traffic.

Yabsta content


Our expert team of engineers can work with you and your third-party print data management systems to ensure seamless migration making the change over a breeze.


Allow your business clients to manage their own business listings, display ads and Bizcasts themselves. Or, have your sales team manage on behalf of their clients.


Allows quick and easy integration and communication with third party systems as well as the addition of custom solutions based on your needs.

"Since starting with the Yabsta platform in 2012, revenues at WhidbeyLocal.com have increased 19% year over year."
Paul Hendrickson, Owner - WhidbeyLocal
WhidbeyLocal on Yabsta Platform
"Since relaunching JTDirectory.com with the Yabsta platform, revenue has grown 12% year over year."
KCOM, Sales Partner - JTDirectory
JTDirectory on Yabsta Platform

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