Yabsta’s Extensive Features Set You Up For Success

Yabsta's extensive features

A Modular Approach to Site Building

Yabsta allows you to easily choose the features you want. Use only a few features for a minimal solo managed platform, a wide variety for a strong team run effort, or expand with what you need as you grow.

Core Features

Yabsta combines advanced technology with management simplicity and ease of use. Its functionality and feature set have been built to dynamically deliver structured data and to facilitate the publishing of digital content in a multi-user environment.


Yabsta includes verticals which collect and display dynamic content based on category, keyword or topic. Verticals for Business, Dining, Classifieds, Local Guide and more are available with your theme, but can be adapted to suit any category requirement.


Customize your verticals and content pages through the use of content blocks which include dynamic widgets or custom HTML, hero images, text blocks, media and content embeds, maps and more. You can control how much or how little content you want to show on a vertical, allowing you to expand your site as your content grows.


Yabsta’s universal search allows users to search by natural language phrase or keyword across the full site or within a selected vertical and retrieve highly accurate search results for all content types.

The Ambiguous Search function allows for rules to be placed around specific keywords and natural language searches to direct the system to handle those in a specified way - either through search suggestions or full redirects. When used in tandem with Yabsta’s robust search logs, you can make sure your users will always find what they are looking for.

Yabsta’s powerful search algorithm can be set to give precedence to specific types of content such as business listings in directory websites, or show results based fully on relevancy.

Also featuring:

  • smart search filtering
  • predictive suggestions
  • location selection


All content in Yabsta is organized using a structured data approach, this allows the platform to perform precise searches within every vertical, as well as filter and categorize entities and/or cross-reference them with each other in the dynamic blocks/widgets.


Our secure content management system allows admin, and in some cases general users, to easily contribute, create, edit, and publish a variety of digital content as seen in all the features listed below.


Integrate Google Maps or other third-party mapping systems to allow for the dynamic display and search of location-based content.


Manage your website through our robust administration area including configuration, user management, content publishing and editing, revenue and invoice management, and moderation.

Listing Features


Yabsta business listings deliver the key NAP information of any traditional local directory. Businesses can have multiple listings each tied to a specific primary keyword, which allows for listings to be customized to suit primary keyword content.

Business Profiles

Standalone pages for businesses which include all the modern features users expect from a local citation. Available to all listings, Business Profiles feature several layout and content customization options, robust description and info widgets, images, reviews and more.


White Pages / 411 Directory capabilities are available for local search and as a company directory tool. Featuring an image and multiple contact fields, White Page listings are secured under strict privacy controls to allow for only exact match search discovery.


Yabsta offers restaurant-specific categorization for listings. Options include a separate vertical, filtering options by Cuisine Type, Dining Style and Price Range, plus the addition of menu display by image or text (csv upload or manual entry).

Call-to-Action Buttons

Customize listings with notifications for delivery, collection, reservation or other custom services. Visually identified in search results and with multi-action buttons on the Business Profile. Allow businesses to include custom contact and ordering information for special services offered.

Yabsta is not just Business Listings, all the other content related to a Business Listing can appear dynamically on its Profile

This includes any Bizcast Sale, Special, or deal being offering, a list of the upcoming Events taking place at the business, and any Articles or Collections Yabsta has published featuring the business.

Content Features


Publish and curate content in article/blog format. All modern article formatting options are available, including text styling, lists, images, media and more. Yabsta's article publishing system is organized by category and disp layed by publication date, but also includes a separate section for displaying evergreen content.


Build an engaged community marketplace for your audience to buy, sell and post their classifieds. Classifieds can be grouped into categories or classes such as "for sale", "help wanted" and “for rent” or further niche categories based on your needs. Featuring images, descriptions, keywords, contact info and custom fields built for popular categories.


Advertisers can broadcast their deals, specials, promotions and more via a Bizcast post. Displayed on a searchable vertical and on widgets throughout the site, posts can be auto-published through your platforms social media channels and linked advertiser channels.


Upload video content directly to the platform or through the addition of embedded YouTube and/or Vimeo content. Our podcast widget allows for the upload and playback of audio podcasts which can be displayed as a strip on verticals or embedded on Business Profiles.


A full calendar of events system to ensure all local events are found in one place. Recurring events, user or admin added, descriptions, images, featured events, display by month and day and more. Events set to specific businesses will then appear on the Business Profile in a widget.


Easily publish editorial and informational content in the popular “listicle” format. Attach listings, POIs, events and more. Include a main body of text to introduce your list and add custom descriptions and images for each item on your list to fully contextualize the content toward your topic.


POIs are a great way to add locations of interest to your database without the need to be a specific business listing. Set your chosen categories and include images, video, directions and details for all. As these are added to the map they include direction capabilities and are fully searchable. The Explore feature can then include related or nearby POI’s and display them with Business Profiles.


Invite users to vote for their favourites with customizable categories and voting periods. Connect Business listings and POI’s directly or add custom fields to allow for other local discovery. Build your user base and marketing list by requiring voters to create an account and incentivize the engagement with prize giveaways. A great marketing and user engagement tool, vote by month, or annually.


Take advantage of both inbound and outbound RSS connections to publish press and news releases. The news feature includes a stripped down HTML formatting option similar to articles to allow for minimal styling and media inclusion.

Engagement Features


Yabsta’s fully integrated mapping systems include a standalone map page. The map allows for the display of pin based listings, restaurants and POI’s. This allows for user’s to discover by keyword search and/or location based relevancy.


Our Explore feature uses the location of a content item, or the users location, and cross-references any other relevant nearby data points and displays them. This powerful feature allows for greater user discovery and makes sure there is a continuous user flow across all pages of the site.


Allow your community to create accounts and administer their business listings, display advertising or listing priority packages, post and manage classifieds, events, video uploads, reviews/comments and more.


Build engagement with your users by allowing reviews on business listings and comments on most content like articles, events and collections.


All features allow the public to easily share and like content through the major social media platforms.

Administration Features


Manage your website through our robust administration area including configuration, user management, content publishing and editing, revenue and invoice management and moderation.


Yabsta is designed to facilitate the easy importation of existing data and the speedy upload of new content. You can also export data to companion software.

Revenue generation

Yabsta has been built to allow for the use of a number of online revenue models that have established themselves as both reliable and successful for digital operations.

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Collect visitor, engagement and traffic data for your site to ascertain a clear and detailed picture of performance and user engagement.


Allows quick and easy integration and communication with third party systems as well as the addition of custom solutions based on your needs.


Access to our Customer Support Portal and Yabsta Development and Licensee support teams. Email and ticket support, training, data import assistance, and direct development team access in certain packages.


Yabsta Site Builder seamlessly connects to your database, allowing you to offer clients eye-catching, fully responsive websites built using the information included in their listings. Available as an extension to your Yabsta license.

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