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A Dynamic New Business Opportunity

Why License Yabsta?

Whether you’re a publisher looking for an adaptable local search platform, a traditional media company considering digital expansion, a trade or professional organization wanting to present members and services under one highly visible umbrella or an individual searching for a business opportunity with a proven track record ­– owning the Yabsta platform in your area presents exciting opportunities.

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Who Can Benefit From Yabsta?

Yabsta was built for small to mid-sized businesses and was designed to meet and adapt to your specific needs.
Local Directories
Media & Publications
& More!

Discover how JoAnna of WIKI Recreation uses the Yabsta platform to run a small business from her RV.

We Offer Licensees Options and Assistance

Adapt to You
Yabsta comes preconfigured with a number of highly adaptable themes and templates. We can also work with you to customize the platform to suit your data, content and technology requirements.
Contracts That Work
Contracts are structured to reflect the dynamics of each jurisdiction and your needs.
Licensee Support
With your license you'll have access to our Customer Support Portal, training, ongoing education, licensee support and internal marketing materials. As part of the Yabsta Network, you'll also benefit from our product marketing efforts.

Yabsta User Guide

Access our Yabsta Customer Support Portal where you can find relevant information on how to work with the platform and its many features. From site management to addng content, our guide will give you all the tools needed to set up and run a succesful Yabsta site.

… has been a Yabsta publisher for over 4 years. Yabsta is futuristic and constantly developing the software for ease of use on all devices...Yabsta is making a huge commitment and we’re pleased to be a part of the Yabsta Global family.

- Licensee Paul Hendrickson,

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